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Small Business Financial Services

We provide financial advisory services to small businesses like CFM Engineering, Inc. in Maryland on an hourly basis to allow them to focus their time on growing their business and making a profit. We develop cash flow management plans and low cost defined contribution 401(k) plans. We can evaluate the impact of your business strategy or 5 year plans on revenue growth and profitability to help you make smart strategic decisions.

Please see more detail below and call us at 410-972-4550 for a Free Consultation.

Cash Flow Management and Strategic Planning

Cash flow is truly the lifeblood of a small business and poor cash flow management can lead to lost opportunities, poor profitability, and a stressed out management. We analyze your cash flow in detail and then work with you to develop and implement a cash flow management plan that will improve your cash flow and enhance business growth and profitability.

We have years of experience in developing effective business strategies and domestic and international joint ventures. We can evaluate your business strategies and 5 year plans to assess the likely impact on revenue and profitability in the years ahead so you can make informed decisions about the strategic direction of your company.

Low Cost Defined-Contribution 401(k) Plans

We can help you develop and implement a low cost defined-contribution plan to reduce your taxes and retain key employees. If you are paying too much for your current plan and it has become a financial burden, we can replace your current 401(k) plan with a low cost plan so that you can keep an important tax deduction for you and your business and retain this critical incentive for key employees.